Needing the view today…

There’s day’s where you can write all day and then there are days you can’t even get one word out.  Today is one of those days the words do not want to flow.  Oh hell, who am I kidding.  I haven’t been able to write for a few weeks.  My mind spins with so many “to do” list items it is hard to concentrate.  So I chose one picture from my adventure photos to inspire me.  Yosemite was a no brainer.

I keep replaying my drive through Yosemite a few years ago.  I was with a friend who loves the outdoors as much as I do.  I was anxious to see the Half Dome.  The first glance through the trees from the road, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.  The rock protrudes from the earth like a rocket ready for lift off to outer space.  From my first angle, it actually perceived a golden, violet color, but as the sun disappeared, the stone changed to gray and I felt a loneliness I had never felt before.  Perhaps it was my own emptiness calling me to be still and just listen for a few minutes.  So that is what I did…

This enormous rock stands watch on the valley below.  As I stood there, I felt the need to touch it.  I wanted that so badly!  I wanted to see if any rock climbers were anywhere to be observed their crazy endeavors.  Unfortunately, the sun was setting and darkness was on its way.  Being two hours from my hotel, we had to turn around and I could only dream of what I wanted.   To this day, I still feel that gnawing feeling to go back.  Just to sit and gaze to help clear the traffic jam from my head and start anew.  Yosemite is like a second world and my thoughts wander to another dream like state, mesmerized by the elegance only nature can provide.

I’m absolutely captivated by this part of God’s country and as the photo disappears from my computer screen, the wheels in my head start turning again.  Perhaps this majestic boulder is whispering to return sooner than later and that is why it feels lonely.  My thoughts, all to myself, with nobody else around in nature can be a scary excursion if not practiced very often.

I don’t know if my writing makes sense but….Yosemite was frickin’ awesome and I can’t wait to go back!  Enough said!



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  1. When I lived in California, Yosemite was my favorite weekend retreat. I miss it.

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