Best Scratch-Off Map to Get You Moving

I bought my fiancé a “scratch off” national park map.  Yes, I did write “scratch off.”  We saw the ad on Facebook, of course, and were curious.  I’m big on getting outdoors and this is the perfect tool to motivate us…or you and your family!  Use the map for planning a trip or teaching your children about the wonders of our country.  Whatever you want to use it for, it’s so much better then spending time on the phone all day.


A tip before you go, the summers are very busy for national parks.  Make sure you research your vacation for the best days and times to visit.  Large crowds and wait times can mean stress.  Try hotels or camping near the park instead of in it.  If you are going to be in wild animal country, perhaps renting an RV would be more beneficial then a tent.  You can find rental RV’s at great weekly rates.

If the funds are light, you can also visit your state or county parks in your area.  Day trips are great for changing up the usual routine.  The great outdoors is the perfect place to get moving.

Our map was purchased from Amazon (thank you Amazon for the picture of the map):

Just a few of the national parks I’ve been to while traveling for work or vacation:

Rocky Mountain National Park

Badlands, USA (with Mt. Rushmore & Devils Tower)

Yosemite National Park

Glacier National Park

Mt. Reiner


Yellowstone National Park




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  1. It looks like you have many parks to choose from. The map sounds like a great idea!! That rock with the American flag in front of it is so unusual! Where is it?

  2. Hi, firstly thank you for visiting my blog, thought I’d pop over to yours. Great post, love the map idea too. I’ve seen a few of the US tourist national parks and sights (as a young tourist many moons ago) and they are amazing, I’d love to see a lot more of the US. Devils Tower I haven’t seen, but I do remember it form Close Encounters of the Third kind 🙂

    • And thank you back for visiting mine! I have watched Close Encounter of the Third Kind so many times it’s impossible to say. When I went to Devil’s Tower, I watched for the area the movie was filmed. However, I got too engrossed into hiking and and learning the history. The legend about the tower is awesome! I’m a history buff also.

  3. You’ve been to some beautiful spots. And great advice to avoid the big crowds. Happy Travels. 🙂

  4. Beautifully captured, Tee! Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

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