Summer is almost here..where are you going?

Summer is almost here and I bet I can attest to all of us that we’ve all been ready to get outside for quite some time.  At least those of us who live in the North.  Spring has arrived with a vengeance where I live in the Midwest.  Tinkering temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees.  It’s a mixture of warm vs. cold, rain vs. dry and strong of wind.  But my flip-flops are out and I’m ready to get my toes in the water again.  So let’s talk vacations…

My vacation this year is going to Glacier National Park in Montana.  My return to the majestic park makes my heart skip a beat every time I think of it.  My memories of the glaciers, lakes and ice-cold water were only from a few hours during my first visit. This visit will be for a four night stay and hiking a few of the many trails the park has to offer.  Plus, I will finally get to drive on “The Road to the Sun.”  It’s only open a few summer months, depending on snowfall amounts.  Usually towards the end of June thru August. This will definitely be an adventure to write about when I return home.  If you would like to  find out more about an adventure to Glacier National Park, I’ve included two website addresses. and

If you haven’t made up your mind just yet on where or what you want to do this summer, there are too many deals to count right now.  Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe, the Far East and then there is Disney World.  You can even rent an RV and travel around the US.  Name your place and I bet we can find a deal together.  Let me know by emailing me at or you can find me on Facebook/adventuresofatravelingsaleswoman.

Let’s not leave out those who choose to take a Staycation instead of traveling.  Maybe its time to check a few things off that “honey to do list” or you want to relax and enjoy the completion of home improvement projects.  I think this is a fabulous idea!  Who says you need to go anywhere to enjoy some well deserved time off.

Whether you are going out on the road or staying home, summer vacations are for enjoying your time off.  So, where is your adventure this summer?

Until next time…

Tip of the day:  Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.  This can mean lower fares and less crowds on your flight.  And, when you have a better chance to grab your mileage-award seats.


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