No pictures, no resolutions….

It’s been a few days since the doorbell of 2016 rang and I decided I would wait for my entry after everybody else seduced their readers with how a new year gives way to new beginnings.  Don’t get me wrong, this time of year seems to be the best time to rejuvenate and reconfigure what we thought we wanted to accomplish in the past.  I’m one of those people that has been sucked into thinking that the only time to renew my hope is January 1 of any given year and yet somehow I never get past the first week.  I over compensate breathlessly and then reality sets in only to give way to that all to familiar feeling of failure when I never really began. I did go through many trials and tribulations in 2015.  But then again, I did the years before with countless setbacks towards my eccentric goals.  I have too many goals to ponder at one time.  But that is me…I want to conquer the world in one breath and then still have time to relish in my accomplishments.

New Year’s resolutions are a sticky subject with most.  We’ve all made them.  We’ve all broke them.  It’s a daunting task to make the resolutions in the first place.  Some will write them down to feel as though they are permanent.  There are even apps for our computers and phones to help.  Others will lock them away up in the far corners of the brain and try to remember to pull them out when it is convenient.  Let’s face it, life goes so fast sometimes we rarely stop examine our list to make sure we can place a checkmark next to an accomplishment.

I can’t give you any expert advice on this subject matter.  Resolutions are not a part of my vocabulary. It’s too heavy of a word and I don’t want to deal with it.  What I can tell you is that I have GOALS.  Many, many life goals I want to accomplish.  And what I found works best for me is to take small steps towards those goals throughout the year without overwhelming myself.  I tend to be a bit more of a planner then most.  Call it OCD, call it what you want.  I’ve never been so far away from my goals yet never been so close and I’m loving the experience of learning as I progress and knowing that just one more tiny step is that much closer.

We can look back at how we have progressed, whether good or bad.  We can take those experiences as lessons for improvement for our future.  We can share what we learned with others so they also have the opportunity to move forward.  We can use every experience, adventure, blessing all year round.  We don’t have to wait until the beginning of each year to say, “I will be better this year!”  We can wake up every day and say, “I will be better today!”   Go after those goals you’ve been thinking about but do it on a daily basis.  Take a small step each day and before you know it, you are there!

So, I have no pictures to share this time and I definitely have no resolutions.  I’m wishing this New Year is a success for all as you take each day as a new step towards whatever your heart desires!!

Until next time….

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